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FULL NAME: Edward Elric
NICKNAMES: Ed, Fullmetal
MILITARY RANK & TITLE: State Alchemist (equivalent to Major), Fullmetal
RACE: Human
AGE/DOB: 15, January 13, 1899
BIRTHPLACE: Resembool, Amestris
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Sometimes Central City, largely on the move
EDUCATION: Dropped out of school at age 10 to study alchemy under Izumi Curtis, is a child prodigy, he (and his brother) completed his alchemy training in 6 months. Became the youngest ever state alchemist at age 12.
SEXUALITY: Oblivious
SHIP STATUS: Single, has more important things to worry about than dating

ABILITIES: Alchemy, child prodigy, skilled in hand-to-hand combat and close quarter weapons

LIKES: Alphonse, alchemy, reading, science, moving forward, helping without letting on that he's helping, hand-to-hand combat
DISLIKES: Milk, busting up his automail, the military, extreme temperatures (having metal limbs is not fun in super-hot or super-cold weather), over-religious morons, nightmares and thinking about that night and about the people he couldn't save, his lack of height, the desert, being underestimated or brushed off, the bastard Colonel, and that man

STRONGEST DESIRES: To fix his brother Alphonse and return him to his human body
DEEPEST FEARS: Losing his family.

Family: Trisha Elric, Alphonse Elric, Winry and Pinako Rockbell, Izumi and Sig Curtis, Van Hoenheim
Military Allies: Col. Roy Mustang, Lt. Riza Hawkeye, 2nd Lt. Jean Havoc, 2nd Lt. Heymans Breda, Warrant Office Vato Falman, Master Sgt. Kain Fuery, Lt. Col. Maes Hughes, Major Alex Louis Armstrong, 2nd Lt. Maria Ross, Sgt. Denny Brosh
Friends and Allies: Gracia and Elicia Hughes, Nina Tucker, Sheska, Paninya, Mason, Prince Ling Yao, Ranfan, Foo, Tim Marcoh, Dr. Knox,
Enemies: Shou Tucker, Scar, Lust, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Fuhrer President King Bradley (aka Wrath)
NAME: Tayber | [info]tayberhecate
AGE: 27
TO CONTACT: Comment here, comments will be screened.
TIME ZONE: Pacific Standard Time

PLAYED BY: Leonardo DiCaprio
FANDOM: Fullmetal Alchemist
CANONPOINT: Manga canon, Volume 12, Ch 49; They’ve just split up in the woods to avoid Gluttony.
**Some background history listed on this profile is the player's interpretation
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ALIGNMENT: Heaven; Good Guys; Chaotic Good

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Edward Elric had to grow up fast in order to take care of his brother after being virtually orphaned at a young age. He has his childish moments, quite frequently in fact, but compared to most kids his age, he’s unusually mature and responsible. He is incredibly touchy about his height (at 15, he’s only around 5’ tall) and does not appreciate being underestimated, whether it be based on his height, his age, or his prosthetic limbs (entire right arm and most of left leg).

Edward is a child prodigy. He has an amazing amount of focus, often getting so wrapped up in research that he doesn’t register people speaking to him, and forgets to eat or sleep. But he’s not all talk, and definitely not all book-learning. He, along with his little brother, grew up teaching himself alchemy, a difficult and highly advanced science in his world, and is extremely talented at the practical application of his knowledge, creating highly detailed (if horrendously gaudy and tasteless) weapons, statues, walls, etc. out of basic materials like concrete, wood, or metal. With this immense talent, Edward expects the proper respect for his alchemical prowess, and is extremely displeased when people brush him off due to his age or disregard his intelligence.

For the most part, Edward is very fair-minded and takes little stock in discrimination of any kind. Having been surrounded by strong, independent women all his life - his mother Trisha, the Rockbells, his teacher Izumi, Lt. Hawkeye, and Lt. Ross, among others - Edward doesn’t see any sense in sexism. Having struggled against the grain due to his young age has given him a similar lack of judgment based on age. And despite the strong racism present in his home country, he doesn’t let that affect his thinking either. He judges people based purely on their own merit. Edward is fiercely independent and pays little heed to authority figures. He refuses to listen or obey just because he was told to. If you want his respect, you have to earn it, dammit! And woe betide you if you get on his shitlist, because you will never find your way off it again.

He takes alchemy’s fundamental law of Equivalent Exchange as a personal credo and has a very strong sense of justice. He holds a high moral standard, refusing to kill people even under pain of losing his title as a State Alchemist and all the resources it provides. His failure to resurrect his mother was something of an awakening for him; it gave him a respect for human life that extends even to beings others wouldn’t call human, like chimera, and even the thing that his failed human transmutation created. Despite his grumpy attitude, Edward is an incredibly caring person who will go out of his way to help others

He has terrible nightmares almost every night, about the Gate, his mother and brother, and all the people he couldn’t save. Edward tends to be grumpy and moody and impatient, always itching to get a move on. He can’t stand not being busy, partly because it wastes his valuable time, and partly because if he’s not busy, he has time to remember and brood, and he doesn’t want to sink back into the deep depression he fell into after losing his arm and leg and his brother’s entire body.
HAIR:Long, wheat-gold, often in a braid or ponytail
EYES: Gold
HEIGHT: If you listen to Ed? Around 5'4" (He's lying... closer to 5')
BUILD: Stocky, muscular
DEMEANOR: Edward has a sort of awkward grace to his movement; as a skilled martial artist, he has excellent coordination and agility, but his prosthetic limb make the motions slightly off. Observant people will notice right off that his left and right footsteps sound different. Still, even before they find out about his automail, people are always amazed by Edward's speed and physical capabilities. Due to his touchy, grumpy nature and his tendency to get involved in things he shouldn't, he is constantly getting into fights, and frequently busts his automail and has to call his mechanic, Winry, to come fix it.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Right arm all the way to the shoulder and left leg to just above the knee are both automail; fully mobile prosthetics that look like steel armor. Powered by the electricity generated by muscles, automail limbs are wired directly into the nerves and can move like a real limb. In some ways, they have an even greater range of motion than the human body, though fine motor skills such as writing are difficult. Automail is waterproof, but requires daily maintenance to keep it in shape. Being incredibly heavy, it is also impossible for the wearer to swim while wearing them. Pictured below are an earlier model; the ones he is wearing at his canonpoint are newer and sleeker.

FASHION: Edward tends to wear sturdy, practical clothes, ones that he can travel and fight in and not worry about. Also, leather and other sturdy materials are less likely to get torn or worn through by his automail arm and leg. He tends to prefer black because it hides the grease stains from the automail better, but his signature piece is his long red hooded coat, which has his alchemy master's sigil, the flamel, on the back.
He also always carries his silver State Alchemist's pocket watch on him. The watch was given to Edward when he was officially accepted into the Amestrian Military as the Fullmetal Alchemist at age 12. It marks his rank and status and bears the Fuhrer President's personal crest. The inscription carved inside refers to the day that he recieved the watch and burned down his childhood home to force himself to keep moving forward.
Personal History
Edward Elric and his little brother Alphonse grew up in a little shepherding village called Resembool out in the Amestris countryside. Their father left the family when they were just toddlers, leaving their mother Trisha to raise them alone. Both of brothers have genius levels of intelligence, and the boys began teaching themselves alchemy at an unusually young age. Then Trisha grew ill and died. Edward and Alphonse were heartbroken, and decided that they would use alchemy to resurrect her. It didn’t matter to them that human transmutation was absolutely forbidden. They didn’t mean any harm by it; they were just two little boys who missed their mother.

Realizing that there was only so much they could do by themselves, they found an alchemy master to teach them more, Izumi Curtis. She astounded the boys with her ability to transmute without a circle, just by clapping her hands together. She took them on as her apprentices and taught them everything she knew about alchemy, hand-to-hand combat, and life in general. She was harsh, and the boys were terrified of pissing her off, but they also adored her and trusted her implicitly, looking at her almost as a second mother. But even Izumi’s strong warnings against human transmutation and motherly affections could not sway their decision, their obsession. When they returned home, Edward age 11 and Alphonse age 10, they were ready and, confident that they could bring back their mother, attempted the transmutation.

But human transmutation is forbidden for a reason; mankind is not meant to play God. Rather than resurrecting their mother, the circle seized the boys and pulled them to the Gate, a strange and mysterious entity/dimension that gave the gift of ultimate knowledge in exchange for a price. In a way, it gave Edward what he and Alphonse were seeking - the secret to existence. Pulled into the Gate, all the knowledge of the world went pouring into his skull at once, until it felt like he might explode with the intensity of it. It’s not something meant for mortal minds to comprehend. In exchange for this “gift” the Gate tore away Edward’s left leg, to just above the knee, and then shoved him back to reality. The half-formed creature-thing that their transmutation had created was lying in a bloody mess on the floor, struggling to live even as its body broke down. Alphonse was gone entirely.

Unwilling to lose his brother as well, in an act of desperation, Edward, bleeding heavily from his wound, used his own blood to draw a rune inside a suit of armor, just under the neck. Then he clapped his hands (like his teacher had) and went back to the Gate. There, he gave up his right arm, all the way to the shoulder, in exchange for Alphonse’s soul, which he tied to the armor using the blood seal. Again, they were sent back to reality, and Alphonse, in his armor body, scooped the wounded Edward up and ran for the home of their neighbors, the Rockbells, the closest thing to family that they had left. Pinako Rockbell, a surgeon and automail engineer, and her granddaughter Winry, her assistant/apprentice, managed to save Edward from bleeding to death.

Alive, but severely traumatized, the boys stayed at the Rockbell’s while they recovered. Edward sank into severe depression and was semi-catatonic for weeks. He only snapped out of it when they were visited by Lieutenant Colonel Roy Mustang, a decorated war hero and State Alchemist, who had been sent to recruit talented alchemists into the Amestrian military (Amestris is a military state, and was just edging out of civil war at that point). Once he understood the situation, Mustang knew two things - first, that Edward and Alphonse were in desperate need of help and guidance, and two, that alchemists of their caliber, especially Edward, would be sought after by anyone and everyone who thought they could use him to further their own goals. With the boys in such a vulnerable position, they would be easy targets. So Mustang set to persuading Edward to enter military service as a State Alchemist, which would give Ed money and access to any research he needed, as well as Mustang and his crew to keep an eye on the boys.

It was an opportunity that Edward could not pass up. He had no particular loyalty to the military, or even Amestris. He understood now that his mother could never be resurrected. He did not even care so much about his own missing limbs. All he cared about was Alphonse - he wanted to find away to get his brother’s real body back. This armor shell Edward had bound his soul to, it could not eat, or sleep, or dream, or anything truly human. Edward had to find a way to fix things. So he talked to Pinako and Winry and asked them to create automail limbs for him - steel prosthetics wired directly into his nerves so that they move and function almost like a normal limb. The process was long and difficult and agonizingly painful. Normally, it would take three years for surgery and recovery. Edward’s fierce willpower drove him to be functioning well enough to travel in a single year.

Now mobile again, Edward, with Alphonse in tow, headed to Central City and took the State Alchemist exams. Some people expressed concern about accepting a 12 year old into the military, but the higher-ups only saw raw talent, a new human weapon that needed to be tied to the military as soon as possible. Edward would have to report to Mustang (by now a colonel) and go on special ops missions for the government, but he had all the resources he needed at his fingertips.

Edward believed that if they could find the Philosopher’s Stone, a legendary alchemical substance said to hold immense power, they could use that to regain Al’s body and Ed’s missing limbs. They would travel all around the country, little Edward in his trademark flashy red coat, and Alphonse his enormous armored shadow. The brothers began their search by first returning to Resembool, and burning their childhood home to the ground, so that they could never turn back.

Three years later, Edward was 15, and they still hadn’t found anything. In between Edward’s government missions, the boys consulted with respected alchemists, some in the employ of the state, like Edward and Mustang, and others who had refused to do so. Military association closed almost as many doors as it opened - there was great discontent in Amestris, especially directed towards the military. State Alchemists especially tended to be despised, often called dogs of the military. The alchemists’ credo was that they serve the people, and State Alchemists were seen as having sold out for selfish reasons. The military was so despised largely due to the Civil War with the Ishballans, an ethnic tribe with differing religious views. The Ishballans had been all but exterminated by the military, with the State Alchemists leading the campaign. One survivor, a man known only as Scar (due to a large, distinctive scar across his face) had been going around killing State Alchemists. He attacked Edward, demolishing his Automail arm and nearly killing him before Mustang and his team intervened.

Unbeknownst to Edward at the time, he, his brother, and Col. Mustang had garnered the attentions of the Homunculi, lethal, human-shaped monsters who had been steering the country from behind the scenes for years towards some mysterious and horrifying goal. There were seven Homunculi, each the incarnation of one of the seven deadly sins and each with their own dangerous powers. They all had the ability to heal quickly, even recovering from death, due to their Philosopher’s Stone cores. The Homunculi were created and led by a mysterious man they simply called Father. They had big plans for Ed, Al, and the Colonel, calling them their “precious human sacrifices” and keeping them alive and healthy until the time was right.

Meanwhile, having gotten Winry to make him a new arm to replace the one Scar destroyed and gotten back on their search, Edward and Alphonse finally thought they might have found some clues to finding the Philosopher’s Stone after meeting an alchemist named Tim Marcoh. He had once been a state alchemist and had worked on the Philosopher’s Stone. The horrifying truth, that living human beings were a key component of the stone, drove him to hide his research and abandon the military, going into hiding himself. By following the trail he’d left, Ed and Al were led to the abandoned Laboratory 5, where experiments for the stone had been conducted using inmates from the prison next door. At the lab, Edward had his first encounter with the Homunculi Lust and Envy.

Edward was wounded and his automail was heavily damaged in the fight at Lab 5, so while he was in the hospital, he called Winry out to Central to fix it for him. Edward and Alphonse then traveled to visit their teacher, Izumi Curtis, for the first time since they had left her 4 years before. On the way, they dropped Winry off in Rush Valley, known as the automail engineer’s mecha, where she took an apprenticeship. Unbeknownst to the three teens, their friend Lt. Col. Hughes was murdered by the Homunculi the night they left Central City. Colonel Mustang was determined to find the killer.

In Dublith, Ed and Al reunite with Izumi. She quickly realized from Ed’s missing limbs, Al’s empty armor, and most importantly, Ed’s circle-less alchemy that they had attempted human transmutation. She had once attempted the same thing, hoping to resurrect her dead child. The Gate had taken some of her insides, permanently ruining her health. The boys broke down and told her the entire story. Together, they theorized that since Al had paid the highest “toll” by losing his entire body to the Gate, he must be the closest to “The Truth” and might know the secret to human transmutation and the Philosopher’s Stone. But since he had no memory of his time at the Gate, they were unsure how to find out.

While staying with Izumi, Ed had to make a brief run to South HQ to do his yearly State Alchemist Assessment. He ran into a friend, Major Armstrong, and the Fuhrer President himself, King Bradley (secretly the Homunculus Wrath). Interested in meeting the teacher of the Fullmetal Alchemist, the Fuhrer followed Ed back to Dublith. Upon his return, Ed found out that Al had been grabbed by Greed, another Homunculus who had gone rogue, and his gang of part human chimeras, escaped test subjects from more military alchemy experiments. Greed wanted to know the secret to immortality, and since Al was just a soul tied to a suit of armor, he wanted to meet Ed and get info from him. Ed went to fetch his brother back home, and ended up having to fight Greed while the chimera took Al off to examine further. Just as Ed was starting to regain the upper hand in the tough fight, the Fuhrer led a military raid on Greed’s hideout. He had all the chimera slaughtered and took on Greed himself, capturing him and bringing him back to Father to be broken down, his Philosopher‘s Stone heart recovered.

Ed’s automail was badly damaged in the fight, so he and Al left their teacher for Rush Valley, so that Winry could repair it (again). While in Rush Valley, Ed met Prince Ling Yao and his faithful bodyguards Ranfan and Foo, who had traveled from the neighboring country of Xing. They also were in search of the Philosopher’s Stone, more specifically its gift of immortality. Back in Central, Col. Mustang, who’d been trying to discover who had killed Hughes, was getting to close to discovering the Homunculi’s secret. They tried to cast blame on Lt. Maria Ross, a trusted subordinate of Hughes’ and a friend to the Elric brothers. Mustang didn’t quite swallow it, and he and his team faked her death and smuggled her out of the country with some help from Prince Ling. Unfortunately, Edward returned to Central just in time to catch only the surface story, that Mustang had torched Lt. Ross with his powerful flame alchemy. A little later, Major Armstrong brought Edward out to the Eastern Deserts that lay beyond Resembool, to the Cselksess Ruins, where he was reunited with Lt. Ross. Ling‘s bodyguard Foo is taking her back to Xing as a refugee, where she should be safe. In the ruins, Ed found another piece to the puzzle of the Homunculi and the Philosopher’s Stone - an ancient mural that bore a similar design to something he’d seen at Lab 5. While not a transmutation circle, it was very similar.

Edward headed back towards Central to meet up with Al again, making a stop in Resembool to visit his mother’s grave. And who should he find there but his father, Van Hoenheim, who had abandoned them so long ago. Edward had been harboring a strong resentment for his estranged father since he’d left, and wanted nothing to do with him. Since Ed had burned down their house, both he and Hoenheim stayed with Pinako Rockbell while in Resembool. Ed overheard a conversation Hoenheim had with Pinako, saying that the half-formed creature that Edward and Alphonse created the night they tried to bring their mother back may not have been Trisha.

The next day, his father takes off again, and Edward, with Pinako’s help, digs up the remains of the poor, malformed being he and Al created when trying to bring back their mother. They concluded that it hadn’t been Trisha - that Ed hadn’t made his mother die a second horrible death. This discovery renewed his resolve. Then, after getting back to Central, he and Al come to the conclusion that Al’s body is still alive and functioning, trapped at the Gate. Because of the human transmutation that they had performed together, Al is connected to Edward. Ed noticeably eats and sleeps a lot more than he should and is so small for his age because his body is providing the energy that is keeping Al’s alive back at the Gate.

The Homunculi have been keeping Edward, Alphonse, and Mustang alive, calling them their “human sacrifices” and deferring to a mysterious leader they call Father. Hoping to lure out the Homunculi and get some answers, Ed and Al team up with Ling and Ranfan, and Mustang and his crew. The plan works, and the group manages to capture the Homunculus Gluttony. They bring him to an abandoned house on the edge of the woods, but he manages to escape and goes on a rampage, chasing them into the woods. The group splits up, Edward and Alphonse trying to stick together.
Alchemy is a science, not a superpower. It follows a very specific set of rules. Most alchemists tend to carry chalk on them to draw circles with. Ones that are used frequently might be tattooed onto the skin (often the palms of the hands) or stitched onto gloves for quick access.
This is just one of infinite different designs. Edward, of course, does not need to draw a circle, though he can if he is otherwise incapacitated (i.e. his automail has been demolished again). This particular circle is the one for human transmutation that Edward and Alphonse used to try to resurrect their mother.

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